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Gulìa Urbana is the 1st itinerant urban art project that creates emotions
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Gulìa Urbana has its roots on the concept of freedom of expression.

From the 2012 we contribute to developing and enhancing the urban and social fabric through urban art.
It is our intention to carry out activities capable of re-functionalizing and regenerating the related social tissues by promoting contemporary arts.. We want to act by promoting social inclusion and trying to educate young people and the population to the concept of beauty and respect for the territory. Awakening consciences in the name of a sense of belonging to a shared culture that manifests itself in the care and attention for a balanced development close to the needs of the ecosystem means becoming concretely and responsibly citizens of a world that has a future.
The target, in addition to that indicated on urban development, it is above all to offer an additional tourist attraction to the area by creating many open-air museums of urban art.

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