Cuti bakery

Being a territory means doing for the territory, this is the compass that has always guided Panifico Cuti to find ways to support and disseminate the social and cultural heritage of the communities in which it operates.

The deep bond to tradition and the fervent desire to innovate have allowed over the years to channel the energies on ambitious artistic projects and urban redevelopment..

In tal senso, the synergies born with the Rublanum association have produced concrete and recognizable results that, through the Gulìa Urbana project, they find their maximum artistic and cultural expression of attachment and enhancement of the territory.

Ard Raccanello

The sensitivity of ARD towards art, of cultural events and the value of territorial identity is known and has led the Paduan company to become a partner of many successful initiatives that have contributed to affirming not only the value of its products, but also the depth of his vision. By participating in Gulìa Urbana, ARD has once again demonstrated the concreteness and foresight of its strategies that are aligned with the evolution of the market and that take into account the needs of the end users of its coating products, be they applicators or artists