About us

The term gulìa in the southern dialect takes on the meaning of desire / desire. It is precisely the desire of a group of young people to redevelop urban spaces, starting from their care and maintenance, up to the organization of artistic interventions and the dissemination of street art. Gulìa Urbana, in fact, was born as an artistic project that aims to develop and enhance the urban and social fabric through Street Art, a cultural movement that has managed to interpret feelings better than others, the dynamics, the desire to redevelop urban areas and regenerate their social tissues. From the 2012 we have shown how this cultural movement, through murals, art installations, guerrilla gardening activities, creative workshops with local and local young people, it can effectively improve the urban and social fabric and with it offer new food for thought to the population that lives and welcomes the project in question. A well-defined design context that allows a dialogue with the artist, which in its freedom of expression opens up to an exchange of ideas and themes, made through his personal techniques.

From the idea of ​​a young Calabrian association, a.p.s. Rublanum, Gulìa Urbana is born.
Gulìa Urbana is a project born with the desire to create abandoned or under-valued urban areas through art, referring above all to the world of writing and street art. The precious contribution that the Gulìa Urbana project offers to the Calabrian territory and not only for now 9 years, it aroused interest in the population and attracted media attention, newspapers and experts in the sector but above all it has ensured that many young people in the area have approached this reality. The success, training, the interest and love of citizenship in past editions has prompted us to create this territorial idea of ​​development that has been espoused by many social realities.

Today, after having worked among the municipalities of Rogliano(Cs), Relatives(Cs), Mangone(Cs), Cellara(Cs), Pedivigliano(Cs), Scigliano(Cs), Rose(Cs), Nocera Terinese(Cz), Lamezia Terme(Cz), Hagia Sophia of Epirus(Cs), Bianchi(Cs), Belsito(Cs), San Giorgio Albanese(Cs), Diamante(Cs) and also outside the region in Latina, where we collaborated with the Municipality of Latina by curating a work dedicated to Falcone and Borsellino and with the Donna Lilith Anti-Violence Center with whom we began an educational path to combat gender violence through Street Art and in Taranto, with the project T.R.U.St., collaborating with the Municipality of Taranto, it can be defined as a real traveling project. Over the years there have been numerous artists, of national and international fame, that we hosted in our festival: Alice Pasquini, Dimitris Taxis, Helen Bur, Kraser, Luca Ledda, One, Tony gallo, Ivan Tresoldi, Checko’s, Vesod, PSYCHO, Cheone, Martina Merlini, Massimo Sirelli, Claudio Chiaravalloti, Emeid, Bro Crew, Zoto, Otaf, Oniric, Kariokasi, Punch311, Zeta, Stc ecc.

From the 2017 the Gulìa Urbana project becomes the 1st itinerant urban art project.

The Gulìa Urbana project is a means through which it is possible to give a different and creative image of the territory. In fact, the communicative aspect is of fundamental importance in our organization and makes you imagine, photo, videos of the place that hosts us are released to attract the attention of possible tourists.